Jan 19, 2020

First Busselton News Article to Go Here!

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\images\190120_IOMShootout_010By the scheduled time of racing the wind had eased somewhat and the fleet commenced sailing with A rigs in what ended up to be a very shifty light ENE breeze.

RO Roger Paul did all he could setting a course in the challenging conditions as the wind slowly faded to around 5 knots but enough to keep the racing close and seeing positions in the races change regularly.

With a few notables missing (dealing with broken wings and burnt out fridges - names not required) the first couple of races ran as expected with Sean Wallis sailing his V11 picking the breeze best and claiming three race wins in succession, his clean scorecard destroyed when Barry Donaher sailing his Cheinz 2 picking up the win in race 4 with Andrew Brady with his V8 picking up race 5. 

The breeze continued to try to move to the south as the battle between the easterly and the sea breeze commenced which resulted in some slight delays with the racing around lunch time, but eventually the breeze shifted to the SE and then through to the south as the sea breeze took control and conditions were awesome seeing Champion Lakes at its best!

It was the next six race wins in succession that more or less cemented the day for Wallis but as the sea breeze blew with vigour the dominance became short lived. With the breeze now around 15-20 knots the fleet had switched to B rig and saw race wins by Ian Sherrif (race 12) and Bruce Robins (race 14) and Brady picking up his second win in race 15.

While numbers were slightly down it was great to see a number of new sailors joining us with four sailors from Emu Lakes in their very visible club t-shirts placing well along with Adam Viney from Wanderers who has recently purchased an IOM and is keen to do some more racing in the class.

Thanks to Guy Burton who took numerous photos for us (all photos credit Guy Burton).








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